About The Marina

Characters and Background

The Marina is an offbeat new ensemble sitcom based in Marina del Rey, California. Five sharp, reasonably competent friends suffer from bad luck and their own questionable decisions but never actually learn from them.

Evan sold his business to Google. He bought a beautiful yacht. He’s financially secure and now lives on that yacht, moored in Marina del Rey. His life looks absolutely nothing like it did a few short years ago. Are things better now? Hell, yes. Is his life actually any easier? Not so much.

Evan spends his days investing in other businesses and hanging out at the bar/restaurant located at the end of his dock. He is single and dates frequently, but really, he spends most of his time in the company of his friends.

Danny is Evan’s former business partner. Evan has the brain for business while Danny is a pure techy. He too cashed out when Google bought the business but took a serious financial hit when his investment in an electric scooter company ended up going south. He lives in an apartment on Main Street in Santa Monica. He’s single and working on a new tech startup.

Jersey lives in a dilapidated boat across the dock from Evan. He’s divorced, but his ex-wife, Paige, still lives with him on the boat. He’s super smart but makes bad decisions… like not bothering to write the bar exam once he finished law school. He sees himself as an entrepreneur but his ventures usually fail.

Ruby came to Los Angeles from Norman, Oklahoma. She spent 10 years struggling to become an actor but ended up managing the restaurant/bar at the end of Evan’s dock instead. She’s single and dates both men and woman frequently. Running the bar is not what she wants to be doing.

Paige is a personal injury lawyer. She originally met Jersey when she represented him in the successful medical malpractice suit that netted him most of his money. She still takes a few cases these days, but doesn’t really work too hard. She’s more of a free spirit an prefers to drink and party. She and Ruby are good friends, but while Ruby may secretly long for something more, Paige is not remotely interested.

Evan is the linchpin that holds this group together. The five get along because they have similar attitudes and outlooks, and they are all aware of their shortcomings. They tend to be self-centered, quirky, obsessive, and often amoral. Political correctness is not their strong suit.

All five of them are socially and romantically inept, and the comedy comes both from their endless bad decisions and from the way things backfire when they attempt to do something nice. Their exploits have this way of blowing up in their faces.

These five individuals are not horrible people, but they certainly aren’t ones that you would want to hang out with.