What We Are Looking For

What we are looking for

  • We are inviting you to submit funny ideas which may be used in future episodes of The Marina. We are mostly looking for storylines but we also welcome your funny ideas and concepts.
  • Each future episode of The Marina will be 22 minutes in length. Each episode will be made up of 3 storylines or sub plots which usually relate to an individual character. For example, in The Marina Episode #1 Jersey’s coffee enema is a storyline. In The Marina Episode #2 Jersey buying the sperm storage business is a storyline. In future episodes Jersey will mix his laundry with Evan’s and give him and his parents an STD and we will expand on Ruby’s Ancestry DNA test idea from Episode #1.
  • Seinfeld had some truly amazing storylines. For example, when Kramer and George’s father invent a bra for men. Or when George picks up a woman on the subway and they end up in a hotel room where she handcuffs him to the bed leaving him naked and robbed. And when Elaine refuses to share her toilet paper with the woman in the bathroom stall next to her. Another good one is when George’s mother catches him masturbating and the group decides to have a contest to see who can hold off masturbating the longest. And another is when Elaine’s Christmas card photo showed her exposed nipple.
  • We are also looking for funny ideas and concepts. For example in The Marina #1 Danny watches the old lady fall on the scooter and decides to go into the liquor store rather than go to her aid. In a future episode we will see that Jersey invented and patented a mannequin design with large erect nipples and is still collecting royalties from that genius design.
  • In The Marina #2 there is Jersey’s invention of a CD playing the sound of a jackhammer so the laborer could pretend to be working. And later we will find out that Evan was conceived during a porn shoot. His parents were both seventies porn stars. Seinfeld episodes contain many very funny ideas. For example when George is being transported to the hospital in an ambulance and the driver and the other paramedic start arguing and stop the ambulance to have a fight on the sidewalk with George still in the ambulance. Or when George experiences shrinkage of his penis as a result of being in cold ocean water. Then there was the one where Jerry’s girlfriend’s father was the owner / cook of an Italian restaurant. He exited the bathroom stall and went into the kitchen without washing his hands.
  • Borat certainly has its share of funny ideas. Like the idea of having a cage for your wife or when his daughter Tuta opens a bottle of beer using her small hole. In the first Borat movie he passionately kisses a girl then introduces her as his sister then goes on to proudly say that she is the number three prostitute in all of Kazakhstan.
  • So go ahead and be outrageous, juvenile, crude and politically incorrect. Don’t be afraid to humiliate and offend. Remember that getting caught doing embarrassing things is funny. As is obsessive behavior, rudeness and amoral conduct. The characters in The Marina do a lot of lying (including to each other), they’re schemers, they make bad decisions, they can’t rely on each other and they continually sabotage their romantic relationships. When they try to do something nice it usually backfires. And their selfishness is constant.
  • We will pay for storylines and ideas that we actually end up using in a future episodes. $1000 for a storyline and less for funny ideas. You will need to read
    to read the About The Marina Section and the Submit Your Idea Section on our website. You can type your idea using the online form or make a video and submit it.